Sunset over Bad Hersfeld


I finally found the time to do another shoot with my new camera. I’ve been watching those beautiful winter sunsets for a while now…from inside the office. I really don’t like working in the winter, you are up for sunrise every day but you are sitting inside a building in front of a computer instead of in the nature behind the camera. 

ISO 100, F16, 1/2sec, 38mm

But this weekend I knew I had to do something and finally capture those incredible colors. As the sun was setting I realized the conditions were going to be perfect. Not to many clouds to block the sky, but just enough to reflect some light after the sun is behind the horizon. I immediately got my camera and tripod and drove up a hill overlooking the town, it was cold and I was to early but it was worth it, the longer I waited the more beautiful it got.

The lens I used was my Nikon 28-300mm zoom, not the highest quality lens but still quite good and a really handy lens now that I’ve got full frame to travel light. I shoot many frames over the course of about an hour and I think the two you see here are the best of the bunch and worth sharing. 

ISO125, F8, 1/13sec, 62mm

I’ve had only one problem: I switched to Aperture to Lightroom a couple of days ago (the moving process was already horrible time consuming and it still isn’t working completely) and when I got home to look at the results it couldn’t open the raw files. Turns out that while both Aperture and Photoshop already had the newest updates to open the brand new D750-files, Lightroom didn’t. Because I live in the damn middle of nowhere I needed to wait for hours to update not only Lightroom but also the Application Manager to download the update. But now it all works fine, I finished yesterdays picture and I have to say Lightroom is defiantly a way more capable program than what I was used to with Aperture.

Enjoy the picture and hopefully I find the time to shoot some more pretty winter light in the next couple of weeks.