Around the World in 200 Seconds

In case you were wondering how it feels to travel around the world I have now made a short video to help with that. It is a single 1 second clip from every day of my trip. This is to show that traveling isn't just one great experience after another as the pictures might make think. Well there are a lot of great things happening but every single day. Sometimes you actually have to just travel to get someplace great. I spent countless hours in planes, busses, boats and all sorts of other transportation just to get around. The world is a really big place and you don't notice it until you actually try to get around it. So yea just a short video to give you an impression on how I spent my time. A bigger, better and longer video is in the working but as you can imagine there is a lot of material and to bring all of this in a nice form takes some time. As I didn't want to have you all waiting for to long I decided to go with this short one first. Take a look, tell me what you think and subscribe on youtube so you won't miss the final and best video.