Around the World in 200 Seconds

In case you were wondering how it feels to travel around the world I have now made a short video to help with that. It is a single 1 second clip from every day of my trip. This is to show that traveling isn't just one great experience after another as the pictures might make think. Well there are a lot of great things happening but every single day. Sometimes you actually have to just travel to get someplace great. I spent countless hours in planes, busses, boats and all sorts of other transportation just to get around. The world is a really big place and you don't notice it until you actually try to get around it. So yea just a short video to give you an impression on how I spent my time. A bigger, better and longer video is in the working but as you can imagine there is a lot of material and to bring all of this in a nice form takes some time. As I didn't want to have you all waiting for to long I decided to go with this short one first. Take a look, tell me what you think and subscribe on youtube so you won't miss the final and best video.

Vlog 6 - Thailand

A new video is online! After Vietnam I did what every normal backpacker usually does at the beginning: I went to Thailand. Although I really couldn't stand Bangkok, the north in the Chiang Mai area is incredible. It's unbelievable how much I have already experienced and continue to experience every day. Good thing I have those videos to remind my of what happened. Enjoy :)

Vlog 4 - Vietnam

By the way: The second episode from my Vietnamese adventures has been finished and uploaded while I was busy on many more crazy experiences here in New Zealand. But all the action here is nothing compared to what I did in Vietnam. Here everything is tested and safe but this scooter...I was genuinely scared. Well see for yourself, like, comment and subscribe. 

VLOG 4 - Vietnam

Another short video is now online. This time a lot of action from Vietnam, I visited the Phang Nha Dark Caves known for the gigantic mud bath and then of course the Halong Bay. An amazing place to go rafting and swimming and so much more. Take a look at the video to see it all and subscribe to not miss the second episode from Vietnam coming soon. You can read more on my time in Vietnam here: 

VLOG 2 - Hong Kong

I sometimes forget how much I have already experienced on my travels, so it is actually quite good that the videos are only posted with some delay. Really helps me to relive the memories. Hong Kong is such a great city and the people I met are simply the best. I can't believe that I thought Hong Kong was a crazy chaotic Asian city. It is so simple and organized compared to what I experienced in the last couple of weeks. Enjoy the video, like, comment and subscribe for more videos.  

Vlog 1 - Dubai

Many of you might not know it but I do not only carry an obnoxiously big camera around me at all times I also carry a way more reasonably sized Go Pro Hero. And now thanks to the help of my brother you can finally see the first results. It's me in moving pictures! I opened up a new Youtube-Channel where I will post weekly new videos from my trip starting now. So don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss anything...well you won't anyways since I will be posting it here everytime as well.